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Please enjoy chapter 2, told from Malum’s point of view. (Sorry about the format) <—Read chapter 1 on my blog. <—Universal Pre-order link. <—Goodreads

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Chapter 2

At The Nightclub



The nightclub stank of sweat and alcohol. I walked around a dance floor filled with humans and glamorized demons grinding their bodies to the music.

On my way to my office, I saw the doors down the hall, to either side of me, had a red glow. It meant the rooms had been paid for and were occupied. Many were ménages à trois. And some humans paid a hefty amount to have sex with demons in their true form. Sick bastards.

The office door opened by my will, and I shut it behind me.

“My lord. I wasn’t expecting you. I mean . . . not this late.” Micah’s hand dropped to his zipper, and he stood from the chair behind my desk.

The scent of fear and cheap perfume . . . a female . . . filled the air. I sighed through my nose and flicked my finger. My power slid the desk toward me. A redheaded female was on her knees, trembling, her head bowed. The gesture of respect saved her life. I turned to face the heavy tinted glass that covered the back wall and glued my eyes to the people escaping reality.

“Do whatever you like, Micah, but not in my office. This is your only warning,” I said softly.

Micah was lucky I favored him, and that he was Liana’s half-brother, whom she loved so much. Had he been anyone else, I would have killed the girl in front of him and ripped out his heart.

“Yes. I didn’t . . . wasn’t expecting . . . I mean . . . it just happened . . . I’ll tell her to leave.” Micah led the half-naked girl out and shut the door behind him. After he’d smoothed his hair and adjusted his button-up shirt and pants, he stood beside me.

With his head slightly low, Micah asked, “What brings you late into the night, my lord?”

I didn’t answer, but instead I observed my daughter behind the bar taking care of the customers. At only twenty-two, she exceeded my expectations in training, power, and beauty. She looked like her dead mother, but she had my cold eyes and dark heart.

“Liana has grown up quickly, hasn’t she?”

“Yes, my lord. It pleases me that I helped you train her.”

“We did well, Micah. She is the most powerful of all my children. I’m glad I sought her out.”

I grinned when Liana smiled as she met my gaze. She could see through the thick, tinted window, a unique power my other children did not possess.

“Did you send Oni to find Enoch?” I asked.

“Yes, I did. But—”

“But?” I hated that word. An indication someone had failed to do as I asked. “No need to explain. I want to hear it from Oni. Call him. Tell him I want to see him.”

Micah paled. “He’s . . . here.”

I narrowed my eyes to a group on the dance floor. “I know. I see him. He doesn’t seem to care he didn’t deliver my request. Call him right now.” I tightened my fists to restrain myself from punching the wall, or even Micah. How dare that little piece of shit party after he failed me?

Micah scrolled through his cell and placed the phone to his ear. “Oni. Malum wants to see you.” Pause. “I’m with him in his office.” Micah angled slightly away from me. “Hurry.” After he hung up, he met my eyes. “He’s coming. I’m going to finish the accounts in my office.” Micah dipped his head and backed away to the door.

“No. Stay.”

“Yes, my lord.”

I observed Oni through the glass. He should move his ass to come see me, but he was too busy running his hands all over a human girl and sucking her mouth.

“Liana.” I called my daughter through my mind. “Bring Oni to me. He has ignored my order. He’s on the dance floor.”

I knew Liana understood when she flicked her auburn hair behind her shoulders, strode with a determined look to the dance floor, and yanked Oni from the girl’s grasp. Tugging on his earlobe, she dragged him up a flight of stairs and into my office. Oni’s physique was similar to mine, but he knew better than to refuse Liana.

“Good to see you, Father. Here’s the rat you wanted me to fetch.” She tossed him across the room.

Oni rigidly touched his forehead to the ground. “My lord. I was on my way.”

Liana scowled and leaned against the bookcase. “Liar.”

“Where is Enoch?” I placed my polished shoe by his skull, still pressed on the floor. “You were supposed to call me.”

Oni slowly lifted his head, but his body remained low. “Someone watches over him. I caused an accident so I could capture him, but a light appeared. Bright enough to knock me out.”

“And you failed to tell me?” The window vibrated as my voice rose in anger. This being must indeed be powerful to stop Oni. Perhaps a nephilim bound to Enoch? Oni had never failed me before.

“I didn’t tell you because I’m going back for him. I know where he lives. Currently, he’s in St. Luke’s hospital. And you know I can’t step into places with holy names. I’ll have to wait until he’s sent home.”

I paced, my fingers clasped behind my back. “Don’t go after Enoch by yourself. Find Marcus and Tanya.”

“May I stand?” Oni asked.

I waved my hand.

Oni rose and straightened his shirt. “You want me to team up with the watchers?”

I rubbed my chin with my thumb and index finger, contemplating. “Yes. They have the same interest. Stay in your demon form, but let Marcus and Tanya do the talking. When they have him in their possession, bring him to me.”

“Marcus and Tanya won’t be just talking.” Liana sauntered to the bookcase and studied a sphere-shaped globe the size of a Christmas ornament.

I held my breath. She had never asked why there was a single white feather inside it, and I hoped she never would. I supposed it looked like any other globe I’d collected. I cleared my throat to catch her attention.

“No, they won’t. But they will get the job done. I’d rather have their kind die than ours. I want the blame to fall on them. The Daemonium Council will not be pleased if they find out what I’ve done.”

“Nor will the Trinity Order, Father.”

“They won’t find out as long as we keep things in control. Marcus and Tanya have been rumored to cause chaos; therefore, they will likely get the blame if things go haywire.”

“As you wish,” Oni said. “I’ll find Marcus and Tanya.”

“Why is this human so important? Why bring him in? Have Oni kill him.” Liana softly tapped on a globe with a castle inside it.

A little more than a hundred years before, a war had brewed between archangels and watchers, the angels were sent to Earth to live among humans. No one knew what had happened to them exactly, but a book called Book of Watchers given by God had been opened, and the archangels all had simply vanished.

But I knew the truth. The one who could bring them back had been reborn, as stated in the prophecy.

Using my supernatural speed, I appeared next to my daughter and caressed her cheeks. “Because, my love, I’m giving you the killing blow.”

Liana gave me a broad smile. “You have such great faith in me. I will not disappoint you.”

She wouldn’t. She never had.

The day she was born, humans thought a fallen star had burst from the sky. But, in fact, it had been an archangel’s soul split into two. Each half had taken a body.

Two holy souls had been reborn.

My daughter carried one soul. I knew the second she was born. As I watched, a halo of light had surrounded her. How fortunate for me that a daughter of evil carried that soul. I had waited so long for such a fate. And then I’d searched for another newborn with the same light and found a little boy name Enoch Winston.

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